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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Statistics of outsourcing &Marketplace

Statistics of outsourcing:--

At one time India was thought to be the king of outsourcing but now think of it Not happening. This is because of the shortage of labor and rising labor costs Everyone thinks business is now moving to neighboring China. Currently Due to this defeat of India, the rulers of that country have risen and fallen. Because Various research firms are already working on the research. For India The present time has become the best problem of all time. It is, of course, a research firm Gartner's words.Gartner also said that India is currently working at this critical time Planting in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Eastern European countries Hungary and Poland. They have risen and fallen to take the lead in this case. With With business process outsourcing or BPO is going well. National Association of Software and Service Companies President Kiran Karnik said, "We hope that this critical period in India will come very soon." Be able to cross.But the current situation is not just a problem for India. There are probably many more countries. Outsourcing to various companies in the United States Customer call centers, administrative and under business processes Not taking and here these works could have been done earlier at low cost but people are very much aware here.
Moreover, every day is the age
Change has changed their mindset. So now is the time to lose hands
It's just a matter. Gartner's Vice President and Offshore's Genes Process
Sujoy Chauhan, director of outsourcing, said India has been a roadmap for many years
To be created. So as to meet modern infrastructure and skilled workers
Will match. He added that the current situation is to meet the demand
Not able. Because if there are a lot of high quality and low cost places.
Businesses will go there. Gartner also said that currently 75 percent BPO
India holds the market share but in 2008 it dropped to 45 percent.
Chauhan added that there was  3 billion offshore BPO market in 2004.
And 250,000 workers were employed. But in 2008 the BPO market increased
That's  24 billion. But India may have taken 13.6 billion from it
Will be able to keep.
Labor costs
The work of outsourcing has always increased over the last four years. So in this case
Demand has increased. The thinking consciousness of the workers was also inside it then. Their skills
Much has increased. The fact that the cost of labor has increased today is actually time

BPO Location: -

The process of outsourcing the BPO to improve or do business has been done in 2005 billion dollars. Dollars annually. In 2010 compound, it had a growth rate of 1.6
The catch is 22.3 percent

Location of India: -
Record improvement in India's software and back office service industry
Everyone thinks it has been achieved. In 2007, it increased by 33 percent. Of which
Revenue of ৬ 23.6 billion. Of this, ৩ 6.3 billion is in the service sector.
In the software sector, it will increase by 25-26 percent and reach 36-38 percent in 2008
In March.
Outsourced Jobs: -
In 2008, the United States will outsource 1 million jobs. Which is from the past days
More than 25 percent. In 2003, the demand was low. But it has increased since then
Ongoing, especially for India.
Offshore Assets 75%
European service providers expect offshore assets to increase by 75 percent
For this reason, all the six major providers are India, Eastern Europe, South
Various companies such as Tata, Consultancy Services, Wipra,
Companies like IBM, Accenture, etc. have promised to increase their services.

Payments Outsourcing: -

In 2005, the payments business process outsourcing was ৩ 3.3 billion. Which
It has now been decided to improve to  4 billion by 2010.
BPO in Asia
In 2010, business process outsourcing in Asia exceeded  14 billion
Hope to go. That was only 6billion in 2005
16 percent.India's Accenture EDS, HP, IBM are special here
Will continue.
Jobs migration
In 2008, 29,000 jobs will be created in India. 35,000 in 2010 and
In 2015, it will go up to 69,000. Forrester Research Group said in a statement
This rate is increasing every year.
Expert to be India
Software and various service experts are from India. The amount is 2005
Was 16.2 billion in the year. In 2010 it will go up to 60 billion
Dollars. The upward rate is 25 percent.
Freelance Marketplace: There are many popular websites on the internet that take advantage of outsourcing All these sites are called Freelance Marketplace. Freelance Marketplace sites have two types of users. Those who work on these websites Those who submit are called buyers or clients and those who complete these tasks They are called Freelancer, Provider, Seller or in some cases Coder applies to multiple freelancers to get a job done It is called bid.How much did the freelancers complete the work when bidding? Mention what you can do according to your ability. Among them are clients He can choose whomever he wants. Usually previous work experience, money The client is one based on the amount and the freelancer's comments when bidding Freelancers are selected.
Client project after selecting freelancer The entire money is deposited in an account called Escrow on those sites Which guarantees the payment of the freelancer's dues as soon as the work is completed Provides. After the work is completed, the freelancer submits the entire project to that site Is to pay. The client then verifies the work of the freelancer. Everything is fine If there is, the client then accepts the work by clicking on a button on the site.Immediately The money from Acro is deposited in the freelancer's account on that site. Full service For this time freelancer has a certain part of the work (10% or 15%) to that site Is to be paid as a fee or commission. Then at the end of the month the site is funded by freelancers Money is sent to him in various ways.
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