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Thursday, 21 January 2021

Computer Programming Competition.

We are all more or less familiar with the computer programming competition
How many days? A programming has been held at North South University of Dhaka before Competition. But in such programming competitions, the practice of talent is limited Goes within the borders of the country. On the other hand, the well-known educational institutions outside the country In order to participate in the organized programming competition, you need a lot of money Budget. This danger is not only in our country, but also abroad.In that case practice of intellect The only platform may be online programming competition. And such is one The common online programming competition platform is 'Topcoder'. Just Topcoder is not open to creating industry quality software or applications.

Competition can now be done on many sites. Such as the coder at the rent, at the gate Coder, Freelancer at Gate, Coder for Rent, Project Spring etc. Offshore Officially, India's skyrocketing success in the field of software is thought by many Picked up. The skilled programmers of Bangladesh are on their own initiative through these sites Software bids can be won. In addition to cash, they use Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, according to Oracle, can also take its place in the organization.Bangladesh For offshore programmers it is therefore an open possibility to be a topcoder A platform where you can become a free member and participate in programming competitions Goes. Every week Topcoder has a single round table match between its members Organized. In addition, once a year, the top code is organized online Unleashed Tournament.Topcoder online that hosts the competition It has 3 main parts. These include algorithms, component design and Component development. Online competition for buying This has already been described in this context. The biggest advantage of online competition Verify your own eligibility. In addition to this, the contestant in the online competition is his own Performances are also available to all the world's leading organizations.It can be a golden opportunity to prove one's worth. Says here Need to keep, the programmers who can do very well in the topcoder Most of them are able to attract the attention of big organizations like Google and Microsoft Being.

Benefits to members Opportunity to play some round table matches in the program after becoming a member of TopCoder Will get Every match has all the fun challenges. The solution to these problems The programmer will have ample opportunity to prove his worth. These are single rounds You can upgrade your rating on the programmer's topcoder site by playing the match. And from this upgrade list, members have to participate in the final tournament You can.The programmers who can reach a good rating in the topcoder will get it Opportunity to participate in component development in Topcoder. And from here The programmer will be able to earn a lot of money. For such development Members provide various solutions and design sites. Whose solution If elected, he will win cash and royalties.Commercial of each solution Pay a certain amount of money and dividends to the topcoder programmer in return for the sale Will. 

Institutional benefits :----

Topcoder is now being used to recruit new staff in large organizations. Because the real developer of a program here is skill, speed of work and own Sometimes it becomes very easy to find hidden talent.For your own organization Better a poor horse than no horse at all There is no way. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding With this topcoder with the programmer, it is very easy to have any organization You can develop the necessary software. It costs a lot less Institutions can get very good quality work.Own in the component category It is very important to inform the top code about software development as required They can easily be developed with a member programmer. Intel software network multi-threading Intel Software Network and Topcoder are co-hosting 12 One month-long programming competition.This programming is basically multi-core On multithreading in microprocessors. The programmer's cash is participating here Can win. The programmer must register to participate here Have to. There are several rules for registration. On the internet This registration can be done from the site of Topcoder. Registration is done If you can, you can participate in the marathon race from the active contest list.

When it comes to participating in a marathon match, the scoring mechanism is the problem Time may not be the same. There will be differences in several cases. Problem The statement will also discuss in detail the scoring mechanism of the marathon match.

And so the programmer must stay ahead to win Must have an idea about the mechanism. In each event in a special marathon match There will be a submission option. Clicking there will bring up a new page Where there will be an option to paste the coding. Here is his solution to the programmer Need to paste. However, to determine the correct language when pasting the code Urgent.Compile the code by pasting the code and clicking the submit button Will be done. In that case, if there is an error message in the corner, it is in the message part of the site Will appear. If the code is correct, the programmer will receive an email Where programmers report your location and your bank in the topcode Will.The main goal of this competition in Intel's initiative is multi-threading around the world Increase the number of programmers. Final result after the end of the marathon match Can be seen. Results can be found by clicking on the results link.

Topcoder Rules:---

 The competition, organized by Intel and TopCoder, started in January this year From the 28th. And this competition will continue till 26th December. Each The prize of the competition is 5 thousand dollars. Immediately upon registration The programmer will be able to face the problem statement. The competition is about to begin Later all the members of Topcoder will be able to participate here.But to the programmer Must be 18 years old. Although open to all, this competition From some countries will not be able to accept cash as a reward Citizens. And those countries are Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sweden and Syria. Topcoder and Intel in competition and this Employees in the corner of any type of organization that are directly associated with the competition Can't work here.Match structure There will be one problem in each match. Mention its statement with the problem You can score more by submitting how to solve the problem. It is in the queue for testing on the system as soon as the problem is submitted Will wait Once the system is tested, the programmer will get a ranking which Topcoder will appear on the website.In providing solutions to every problem The programmer will be able to submit at any time. But keep in mind A programmer can provide his solution every 4 hours

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