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Friday, 24 July 2020

Outsourcing.Online Earn tricks and tips Capter 1


Outsourcing of Possibilities By making proper use of information technology, different countries of the developed world make a living Made easier .. Online money plays a major role in the expansion of the e-commerce industry The more e-commerce a country facilitates transactions, the more e-commerce there is Has become economically prosperous through the establishment of based industries.

 E-commerce based Ensuring pay by earning money by working online as well as in the industry There are online money transaction activities.Online in almost all countries of the world Although the money transaction system is easier in our country at the present time There are various complications. As a result, it starts with six software companies At the individual level all those individuals obtained by working in an organizations abroad When they want to bring money to the country, they face enough problems.

One of the most talked about issues in our country in recent times is being online Make money Save money using online. The matter is really important It has become a topic in divisional cities like Dhaka and Chittagong. Departmental only Its spread is not less in the cities as well as in the remote areas. In a very short time This matter has received a strong response all over Bangladesh. Basically money through online The way of earning is called outsourcing. There are several types of outsourcing There is work. Such as- Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing etc. The outsourcing thing Maybe many will be a little hesitant. What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing basically means that one company is another Provides services by contracting with another company or one Increases business. Currently there are many big companies who are outsourcing Doing. There are many types of outsourcing. Such as call center, e-mail Servicing, parallel services etc. Suppose a call center.Too big There are companies who are in their own country to provide services to their customers After all, contracts are being signed with foreign companies. This is better than one's own country Out of all the companies, only foreign companies are usually selected. | There is only one reason If they set up a call center providing services to a company in their country The amount of money will be spent.
A company in a foreign country spends about half of its money Will be able to provide the same type of service to its customer. That is why they are outsiders In this case any company of the country is given priority. Most of the outsourcing work is from American and European countries India is at the forefront of our power in Asia.
Because the time limit is too long. Indian freelance companies and freelancers are highly valued in the online market for important work. In Asia, after India, China, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, In countries like Bangladesh. However, a few freelancer companies and freelancers from countries other than India are also highly valued. Although India is ahead, it is not far behind other countries.
The main reason why our country is lagging behind is that it does not have proper patronage in the field of ICT. Needless to say, the government of our country is unaware to capture this online market.
And the number of such lakes is not very low. The reason why India is ahead in this regard is because of the ICT sector Has opened up and is giving all the necessary patronage. Therefore, in this marathon of outsourcing in Asia, Bangladesh's neighbor India is at the forefront.
Location of Bangladesh --- The amount of work in the outsourcing industry in Bangladesh is not worth mentioning. However, in the last few years, the development of the country's internet industry has shown interest in this field Raised various software companies and individuals. Accelerated at affordable prices The opportunity to use the Internet is gradually taking advantage of Bangladesh in the outsourcing industry Has given a huge amount of foreign exchange.
Especially running around the world Master but because in the economic case in favor of the outsourcing complexity, the country's card needs to be made at the stage of small-scale crisis-making industry is traditionally possible because the country's banking has established value. Decreased because even if the organization rises and goes, the online channel is not small in Bangladesh.
Huge scale and many cheap personal work transactions through Money have made it easier for people to get the work done in favor of the existing benefits by delaying the transaction.
Bangladesh has been playing a major role in online money transactions. MasterCard and Visa Card. As a result, compared to the outsourcing industry in Bangladesh E-commerce-based industries have expanded exponentially. In the e-commerce-based industry Within the moment from abroad due to the facility of money transfer through card Country money can be sent. As a result, it plays a huge role in the economy of the country Various e-commerce based organizations are running

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